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We repair climbing shoes. Resole, replace rand and disinfected it.


The part that covers the bottom. You use it whenever you step on a foothold. The sole usually wears the most, and it’s what you’re using for most of your climbing.

Rand and Resole

A layer of rubber wrapping around the front of the toes and the side of the foot. If rand is worn we have to replace both: sole and rand, not only the rand.


Do your shoes stink permanently? Experiencing foul odors ascending from your shoes even when they are on your feet? Then you could say it’s about time do de-stink them.

When to Resole Shoes?

When to Resole Shoes?

Resole too early, and you’re wasting perfectly good rubber. Resole too late, and you risk paying (much) more for your resole, or even damaging your shoes beyond repair. The key for good resoles is to climb only on the sole of your shoe. When the amount of rubber below the visible line separating the rand and sole starts to get thin, you’ll see that the sole starts to recede.

If you continue climbing on your shoes after there’s no sole left, your shoes will start to lose performance, and the rubber contacting the rock will be from the rand (the part above the line). At that point, you’re damaging structural elements of the shoe. If you spend too long climbing on your rand, it will thin and eventually wear through. If the rand is damaged, you’ll need toecaps or rand repair (at minimum).

Your shoes could look like that too!

This are climbing shoes after resoling - they looks like new!

How it works? Easy as 1, 2, 3...

In few easy steps your shoes will be resoled. Easy. Fast. Affordable.

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